Full KL City Map | RM150

61 x 91 cm

A minimalist monochrome map of Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) featuring roads, railways, rivers and water bodies – representing the built and natural pathways that make up the city’s network. An intricate poster that is a great conversation piece to decorate your home or office.

Different to most other decorative maps, special design features – a compass, the city border, legend, coordinates and distance scale bar – were included for added detail and to engage the viewer further with the city.

Order information

  • NEW ITEM SALE: RM150 (approx. USD35)
  • Original value: RM200 (approx. USD48)
  • Standard large poster size (frame used in photos is RIBBA frame from IKEA)
  • Extra fees apply for delivery and shipping
  • Frame not included


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